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The Best for Less = Greatest Training ROI

TDC, a closer look at Equipment

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  • Use MIMOSA, machine, priority, type, cell, line, Notes, etc.


  • Number of Direct and in-direct idle workers


  • Cost per unit at that stage in production
  • Units per hour


  • Electrical surge cost, Set up, % reduced till start/stop
  • Equipment fatigue
  • Scrap produced, is it recycle able


  • List other downstream equipment, and % effected

Expected Sales

  • % effect on product out the door.

With all these categories, it may appear to be too much to monitor and analyze. Click here to see why there is no need to sound the "Data Overload" alarm.

The Japanese Path to Maintenance Excellence

Japanese way to decide equipment criticality

Equipment criticality determines what level of preventative maintenance to use, what type and amount of condition monitoring to use and what type and amount of observation is required from the operators. We can learn  from Mike's visit to a major Japanese manufacturer.


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