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TDC - Maintenance Labor Category

This category is a one time entry of a constant, updated annually, exported from your existing computer systems. Your existing method of calculation need only meet the TDC recommendations below. As with all labor categories, cost should be net cost (insurance, SSC, benefits, etc.), not just base salary.

As with all the labor categories, your accounting software is a good source to export or link all the various Maintenance wages to your downtime cost reporting software. Tracking this manpower cost in relation to downtime cost can be automated through I.D. tags, or typical work order reports.

These are in-house maintenance labor cost only. Cost associated with Contactors, OEM, machine shops etc. will be covered in the "Downtime/OEM category. With maintenance being 30-50 percent of the production cost, there is a substantial staff supporting those one or two who actually do the machine repair.


  • Direct maintenance labor

    • Mechanic/Technicians doing actual troubleshooting and repair.
  • Indirect maintenance labor

    • Maintenance manager, Forman,
    • parts person, set-up person, pm person, etc.
    • secretary, and others that may work primarily for maintenance

    Ideally, you want a goal of being able to assign all personnel's activities to a cost center. In the interim, through analysis you could assign an hourly multiplier that represents the support personnel cost. 

    See also: Comparing Maintenance Costs

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