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Thank you to all those who have visited this web site.

The technology is there, use it. :>)Hi, I'm Don Fitchett, author of this site; DownTimeCentral.com

I created this informative site to enlighten and stimulate day to day thought about the true cost of downtime in manufacturing. As this site gained popularity I have found some applying this information to other industries.Automate the data from all sources to one analitcle computer.

It gave me much pleasure seeing the same analytical process as an article in Contingency Planning & Management magazine being applied to the Information Technology industry. The article coincidently (As I was not involved :>) titled - "The True Cost of Downtime".

I am also grateful to Facilities Engineering Journal for publishing my article "The True Cost of Downtime". automate the reporting process to be viewed daily. The many comments sent in by our visitors and those who have spread the word about this site, are my rewards for putting this site together. I do not make any money off of this site and pay for the cost out of my own pocket.

All I ask in return is that you learn and keep an open mind. This site is not a debate site or trying to sell you on a methodology. I will discuss issues further as part of a learning process only. Of course I welcome all comments, good or bad. make ALL employees aware of the true downtime cost.

Hope you gain some insight and start thinking daily about ...

"What really is my TRUE COST"

Thank you.

Don Fitchett (Founder)

Business Industrial Network (bin95.com)Thanks and have a productive week.



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