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Standards for Downtime Factors 

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Actually a combination of two methods are used to bridge the gap between data collection and management technique.

  • Strict usage of TDC metrics

  • And data sharing standards like MIMOSA

Implementation of programs like TPM, requires the proper structure, measures, information and commitment. Only using vague, generalized tools like OEE to base day to day financial decisions on, cost thousands to millions.

MIMOSA is more than an organization developing open exchange conventions. It is the enabling factor permitting integrated maintenance management, a connection to enterprise resource programs, and practical profitability-related operations and maintenance.

We want to thank John S. Mitchell for the two papers and the supporting PowerPoint95 set of slides that are presented below.

Equipment Lifecycle Management -- Condition Based Maintenance and Beyond
This paper is an outline of key points (and slides) from a presentation delivered at the ASNE Symposium on Condition Based Maintenance on July 1, 1998, in Arlington, Virginia.

Word 6.0 Version (11Kb) Adobe Reader Version (35Kb) PowerPoint95 (67Kb)

maintenance excellence   The Japanese Path To Maintenance Excellence e-Book
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Click the link if you need to acquire application skills necessary for design optimization under a Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) discipline, DOE. DOE is the Taguchi Techiques using Design of Experiment.


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