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The True Cost of Downtime

Maintenance Management Resources

Six sigma and lean manufacturing, it's all about money:

Business Industrial Network is your best resource when you need fast solutions. After you view this six sigma area dedicated to learning the true cost of equipment downtime with time and motion study, please visit our company.

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Maintenance Managers - Most of the time, the True cost of downtime is ten times what you currently use in cost justification reports. A great resources to reduce project management cost and get some free six sigma training.
Executive Management - Make better daily decisions based on true cost, not just labor and production schedule. This is how you can put a dollar amount behind your total quality management.
Product and Service Providers - Show your customers the true and greater amount of savings by using your products and/or services. Spread the word about this insightful website and help your customers with their change management.
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Second edition , 'True Downtime Cost Analysis' comes with an action plan to utilize existing shop floor data collection to monitor the many manufacturing processes and associated costs.
ISBN 1-933047-15-1
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Price:  $29.95
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Tools and Resources to Reduce Unplanned Downtime cost.

Lack of information is 90% of the reason for unplanned down time in industry today. We give you a lean manufacturing solution in which to get that information, when you need it most...when you're down!


ARTICLE: True Downtime Cost (TDC) Action Plan - Leaner Lean Manufacturing

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Supporting the True Cost of Downtime with their product and services

the True Cost of Downtime

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Be sure to get On-site PLC Training for your maintenance. BIN95 follows Best Practices.

Resources For Maintenance and Engineering Professionals in the Manufacturing Industry to help you reach six sigma.

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5S Lean Manufacturing Training Video DVD

This Lean Manufacturing Training Video (in English or Spanish) ensures the key concepts of 5S are communicated to employees. The 5S Lean training takes the audience through each stage of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain.

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