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true downtime cost   the cost of downtime
True Cost of downtime


What is your average amount of unscheduled monthly downtime for all shifts?

What is the last recorded total amount of unscheduled downtime for a year?

Which shift has the most unscheduled downtime do to equipment failure?


What is the average monthly cost of Time and Material to recover from downtime?

What is the average annual cost for Lost Production do to machine downtime?

How many times this year did you have a breakdown that affected more than 1/3 of your facility?

What equipment had the breakdowns mentioned in previous question?

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    Other ?    (select all that apply)

What was the most downtime caused by a single breakdown this year?

In reference to the above question, how much of that time was waiting on, or locating technical resources?

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Technical Resources

How many maintenance personnel is in your facility that can troubleshoot with a PLC?

How many PLCs does your facility utilize? (best answer)

What brand of PLCs does your facility utilize? (use [control] key to select more than one)

What percentage of breakdowns require outside technical assistance, such as consultants, OEM, etc?

What is your average cost for OEM support per year?

What is the longest respond time by an OEM to get a service technician in your facility, this year?

Do you feel you have the technical resources such as manuals, internet access, etc. to repair technical breakdowns efficiently?

Yes    No    Undecided    Not Selected

Do you have computerized equipment in which documentation is inadequate or non-existent?

Yes    No    Undecided    Not Selected

Please list OEMs related to previous question? (use [control] key to select more than one)


Other ?    (select all that apply)

 Please describe machine that lacks documentation in the space provided below:

Personal Information (Confidential)


How many shifts does your facility run?

1Shift    2 Shifts    3 Shifts    Varies    Not Selected

How many personnel are employed in your facility?

How many personnel are employed in your maintenance department?

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